About Us

Welcome to Wildland Nursery!

Native plants of the Intermountain West are the best choice for Xeriscape gardens in Utah, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, and Wyoming.  The diversity of landscapes in this region range from the low Red Rock Deserts to the pinyon-juniper forests and up to alpine meadows lush with wildflowers. Our drought-tolerant native plants allow water-wise gardeners to enjoy a greater variety of wildflowers, grasses, trees, and shrubs than ever before.

At Wildland Nursery, we raise native plants and wildflowers from seeds that have been collected from this region. We grow them in the heart of the Intermountain west, so when they are ready to grace your garden, they are all ready acclimated to our extreme weather conditions and alkaline soils.

Water-wise trees, shrubs and wildflowers from Wildland Nursery are for savvy xeriscape gardeners with a desire to create a beautiful landscape while saving our natural resources.

Xeriscape gardens are not brown and prickly!

Xeriscape gardens:

  • Are water-wise!
  • Are colorful and interesting
  • Create visual harmony with the surroundings
  • Use less harmful chemicals
  • Thrive in native soil
  • Benefit pollinators
  • Create backyard habitats for wildlife and birds
  • Save time and money

Native plants and wildflowers are colorful, attractive, and earth friendly.

Because xeriscapes are low maintenance, you can spend more time enjoying your garden!

As you browse through the website, look for the symbols that indicate each native plant and wildflower’s need for water, soil, and sun. A symbol key link is provided for your convenience.  Be sure to click on each small image to view a larger, more detailed picture of that native plant. You will also notice a select handful of non-native plants and wildflowers that we produce for their exceptional value for wildlife habitats, shelter belts, and wind breaks.