Amelanchier alnifolia pumilla | Little Serviceberry is only small in size. It produces a tremendous quantity of   flowers and fruit. It is a close competitor with the blueberry in flavor and anti-oxidants.  An exception to low water use, with a little more water,  the size of the fruit will increase. Because of it’s size ‘Pumilla’ is a perfect shrub for home landscapes. It needs a little tending in early spring, treat it as you would Lilacs or other traditional flowering shrubs.  And if you are interested in promoting bird habitat, this plant should be at the top  of your list.  Songbirds love this plant and fortunately, it produces plenty of  fruit for humans and birds, if you rise early to enough to beat the competition.

Growth rate: Fast

Height: 3ft

Width 3ft

Full sun to Part shade

Medium water

Average soil

White flowers in Spring

Purple fruits in late summer

Zone 4