Artemisia tridentata ‘Vaseyana’ | Mountain Sagebrush infuses the air with a nostalgic menthol fragrance after summer rainstorms. Vaseyana’s  size and form make it an unusual option for water-wise gardens.  The leaves are finely textured, blue-gray in color and remain on the plant year round. The flowers are insignificant, but the multitude of seeds produced are on stalks and  persist into winter when they catch the snowfall.  As the plant matures, the lowers branches can be removed to expose the black shaggy bark. A little spring cleanup to remove last years seed stalks is the extent of  it’s maintenance needs.  For a classic xeriscape garden, combine with Palmer Penstemon, Alkali Sacaton Grass, and a yucca or two.

Growth rate: Medium

Height: 3ft-4ft

Width: 3ft-4ft

Full sun

Low water

Average soil

Zone 3-6