An ever green shrub of the Intermountain West,  Desert Mahogany is a candidate for the favorite plant in xeriscape gardens.  It grows widespread at middle elevations on cliff faces and canyon bottoms; in full sun and part shade and survives on available moisture.  Desert Mahogany can work equally well as a specimen shrub or in a hedge where it is regularly trimmed. The leaves are small, linear and very dark green. The small, pink flowers completely cover the plant when blooming in late spring.  Judicious pruning in spring to remove any dead twigs and crossing branches can only improve the plants form.  Prune it to fit the space and the function you want to the plant to fill.

Growth rate: Slow

Height:  5ft

Width: 5ft

Part sun/shade

Low water

Average soil

Pink Flowers in late spring

Zone 4-6