Commonly referred to as Red-Twig Dogwood, Cornus sericea | Red-osier Dogwood is used extensively in the nursery industry as it tolerates over-watering. However, it is fairly drought tolerant once established and will adapt to a variety of locations.  The white flowers are slightly fragrant, and bloom in late spring.  The leaves are bright green and provide light filtered shade for understory shrubs and wildflowers.  Dogwood is one of the best native shrubs for year round interest The attractive white flowers in spring, bright green leaves in summer, deep maroon leaves in fall, and of course the red twigs in winter make this an eye catching plant. To maintain deep red stems, prune out older stems in early spring. The site where it is used in the landscape, the type of  soil, and the amount of sun and shade will determine the amount of water supplied.

Growth rate: Fast

Height: 5ft-6ft

Width: 3ft-4ft

Part sun/part shade

Medium to low water

Average soil

White flowers in spring

Zone 6-3