Fendlera rupicola | Cliff Fendlerbush is a lovely,┬ádelicate shrub of the Colorado Plateau. In spring, profusions of pink flower buds open to sweet scented, white flowers, the leaves are small and gray-green with a rough texture. Cliff Fendlerbush, like most desert shrubs, gives its best performance in lean soil. When cliff dwelling shrubs are planted in rich soil, they tend to grow luxurious, but the number of blooms decline and they loose their fragile appearance. Since most home landscapes don’t have cliffs, create a raised bed with gravely soil, water sparingly and prune yearly after blooming. Fendlerbush will tolerate and appreciate afternoon shade.

Grow rate: Slow

Height: 4ft-5ft

Width: 4ft-5ft

Full sun

Low water

White flowers in spring

Zone 5