Foresteria neomexicana | Desert Olive, also known as New Mexico Privet, is a deciduous multi-stemmed shrub or small tree with a upright,  vase-shape form. The leaves are narrow and olive- green and contrast the smooth tan bark. The flowers are small, cream- colored, fragrant and bloom in early spring before the plant leafs out with. The birds love the small blue-black fruit so it disappears quickly off the plant, and with the dense, twiggy form,  Desert Olive is a natural for  back yard habitats as it provides food and cover for small birds and mammals.  Desert Olive is drought-tolerant once established and only requires yearly pruning to maintain a pleasing and versatile plant.

Growth rate: Fast when young

Height: 15ft

Width: Canopy 8ft

Full sun

Low water

Adapts to most soil

Cream colored flowers in early spring

Small blue-black fruits

Zone 3-6