From a distance, Krashinnikovia lanata | Winterfat can be mistaken for Sagebrush or Rabbitbrush.  On closer inspection, Winterfat has fuzzy strap-like leaves, a softer appearance and a more spreading form than the other shrubs. It sparkles in late fall and winter when the multitude of brilliant white, woolly seed heads cover the stalks and catch the winter sun.  Winterfat gets its name for the high food value it provides browsing wildlife in wintertime. It needs very little water once established and prefers well- drained or dry, clay soil. Pruning it back to 12” in early spring helps to keep it neat and tidy. Winterfat is most noticeable when planted as a compliment to green shrubs like Mormon Tea or Curlleaf Mountain Mahogany.

Growth rate: Medium

Height: 2ft-3ft

Width: 3ft

Full sun

Low water

Well drained or dry clay soil

White seeds in late fall

Zone 4-8