Purshia mexicana | Cliffrose is the must have shrub for any native plant garden!  With miniature yellow roses that emit a spicy fragrance, small resinous evergreen leaves, shaggy peeling bark, what more could any gardener want? This charming native shrub has many useful applications. Cliffrose works in a formal hedge as it tolerates pruning-just ask any deer. Or as a focal point in a naturalized landscape, it can be pruned to expose the twisted gnarled bark. It thrives in hot sun and windy sites, and it is drought tolerant once established. The most important purpose of the amazing Cliffrose, is the honey bees; they love it.

Growth rate: Slow

Height: 5ft-7ft

Width: 4ft

Full sun

Low water

Adapts to most soil

Yellow flowers in spring

Zone 4-7