Ribes cereum | Wax Currant is a very dense, twiggy shrub with an upright form. It blooms in spring with pale-pink bell-shaped flowers. In late summer, it produces small red fruits and what they lack in size, they make up in brilliance and quantity. The small ruffled leaves are deep green and turn yellow in fall. Wax Currant adds variety to a  xeriscape garden in a natural setting or a pruned hedge in a formal garden. The currents are edible to both humans and wildlife and can contribute to the pollinator and bird friendly garden.  All parts of the plant, including leaves, bark and fruits were used extensively by Native American women and so early botanist honored them naming the plant, Squaw Currant.

Growth rate: fast

Height 5ft

Width: 2ft

Full sun/part shade

Medium to low water

Average soil

Pink flowers in spring/red fruit