Creamy white flowers born on flat-topped cymes, bloom in spring on the Sambucus caerulea | Blue Elderberry. The purple black fruit comes in huge drooping clusters that is highly ornamental and hangs on until plucked by discriminating gatherers for the fine jellies, juices and wines that the berries produce. An added benefit is the berries are also high in anti-oxidants. The compound leaves have a delicate appearance that add to its ornamental qualities. Pruning to remove dead branches will help maintain its unique, mounding shape. Elderberry is a versatile shrub that can adapt to all types of soil and is somewhat drought tolerant once established. The berries are highly sought after by migrating songbirds in late fall.

Growth rate: Fast

Height: 6ft

Width: 4ft

Full sun/Part shade

Medium to low water

Average soil

White flowers-edible fruit

Zone 3-6