The lush compound leaves and masses of creamy flowers followed with bright red berries give Sambucus racemosa | Red Elderberry the look of a semi-tropical plant. It grows at higher elevations so it likes cool temperature, but it will thrive in home landscapes if placed in afternoon shade with a medium amount of water. It provides excellent shade for native woodland perennials such as Forget Me Not, Lupines and Richards Geranium just to name a few.  Screens and hedges are also a good use for Red Elderberry. A warning! All parts of Red Elderberry plants including leaves, stems, bark and roots contain potentially dangerous cyanide-like toxins and the berries should be cooked before eating. Birds and other small critters readily eat the fruit.

Growth rate: Fast

Height: 4ft-5ft

Width: 3ft-4ft

Part shade

Medium water

Average soil

White flowers followed with red fruit

Zone 3-5