One of the most valuable plants for wildlife habitat and wetland restoration, Crataegus douglasii |┬áDouglas Hawthorn’s sharp thorns provides protection for hungry song birds. The fragrant clusters of white flowers produce a banquet of deep purple, almost black ‘haws’ that are readily eaten by birds and other wildlife. The bark is a glistening, burgundy and the leaves are a sizzling red in fall. It can be pruned to a single trunk, but its best use is a multi-trunked tree. Use it as a hedge or a living fence, because the thorns will thwart the boldest trespasser. Even though it is used along riparian areas, it is able to withstand periods of drought.

Growth rate: Fast

Height 10ft

Width 5ft


Medium to low water

Average soil

White flowers in spring

Zone 3-6