The ever-present evergreen Pinus edulis | Pinyon Pine tree of the Intermountain West and known for the nuts that it provides modern day hunter-gatherers, as well as earliest inhabitants of the region, Pinyon Pine is recognized as The Tree of the High Desert. The olive-green color is a distinctive green that compliments the native, xeriscape garden. Pinyon Pine is usually symmetrical when young and wonderfully gnarly and twisted when mature.  A slow grower; even with regular watering it doesn’t grow fast, but will look less wild. A backhanded benefit to growing leisurely is that it will fit in the landscape for a lifetime and never outgrow the home or garden. It will thrive with a minimum of attention  in sandy loam or dry clay soil. Water deeply and infrequently and don’t fertilize Pinyon.  The best mulch is the needles and cones that falls from the tree.


Pinyon Pine

Growth rate: Slow

Height: 25ft-35ft

Width: 10ft-15ft

Full sun

Low water

Average drained soil

Zone 4-8