Populus tremuloides |¬†Quaking Aspen is the most popular tree of the ‘poplar’ species of trees.¬† Regardless of the fact that it is notorious for black spot, borers, cankers, iron chlorosis and all sorts of other negative characteristics, including aggressively suckering; it is still one of the most popular trees for home landscapes. The tall white trunks and quaking leaves remind us of our favorite mountain campsite. Viewing the yellow leaves in fall on the high mountain elevations is one of the most enjoyable events of the autumn season. Quakies will perform best if they are planted in a perennial-shrub border, where they will have competition against suckering. Always water with drip irrigation early in the morning to prevent black spots on the leaves, and though it is counter intuitive; water less, especially in clay soil where there is a high rate of iron chlorosis.

Growth rate: Fast

Height: 40ft

Width: 15ft

Full sun/part shade

Average soil

Zone 3-5